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The molecules of our daily life are produced by petrochemicals. This method of production is based on chemical reactions, often catalyzed by heavy metals, at high temperature and high pressure from non-renewable carbon.

Our mission is to accelerate the transition to bioproduction under simple conditions, respectful of our ecosystems.


BioC3 is inspired by nature and the extraodinary variety of enzymes for biotransformation. BioC3 has created a biocatalysis platform, standardized and highly efficient reaction cascades thanks to stabilized enzymes. The reactions take place in water at ambient temperature and atmospheric pressure, using carbon sources which may be renewable. No polluting by-product is generated.

The bioprocess developed by BioC3 significantly reduces development time with rapid proof of production and simplified scale-up. BioC3 makes organic production simpler, faster and more profitable.


Biocatalysis, or enzymatic catalysis, corresponds to the use of biologically active components to catalyze chemical transformations.

Biocatalysis is associated with the manufacture of chemicals in a sustainable and profitable way in industrial sectors, including food, the pharmaceutical industry, the cosmetics industry, textiles, biofuels...



Founded in 2016, BioC3 is hosted within Toulouse White Biotechnology (TWB), a pre-industrial demonstration (under the triple supervision of INRAE, INSA Toulouse and CNRS) and infrastructure serving as a excellence in the field of industrial biotechnologies at the national level.

By producing tailor-made biocatalysts, we have created a new standard in bioproduction, which, together with new breakthroughs in biotechnology and biochemistry, offers the prospect of greener, more affordable and more profitable chemistry.


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